Best Neighborhoods in Raleigh to Sell Your House

If you are looking to sell your house in Raleigh, you are in luck! Raleigh has some of the best towns in North Carolina for sellers. From the starter home communities in the East Raleigh ‘ITB’ area to the high-demand North Hills neighborhood. 

best neighborhoods in raleigh to sell your house

In this article, we’ll compare the best neighborhoods in Raleigh based on what makes them most appealing to those in the market to buy. It’s a great resource for buyers, sellers, and investors, so don’t forget to share!

Best Neighborhoods to Sell Your House in Raleigh

East Raleigh

The Inside The Beltline (ITB) section encompassing the Woodcrest, Lockwood, and King Charles area makes up East Raleigh. This neighborhood has seen significant growth over the last four years. These mostly starter homes consist of ranches and split levels starting at 600 square feet.

sell your home in east raleigh


Classic and quaint Oakwood has a historic overlay district that makes building new and remodeling difficult, but the buyer demand here is significant. If you plan to sell here, listing is the way to go unless you have significant problems with your home. 

South Park

South Park is the new construction Mecca of Raleigh. This neighborhood has seen some of the highest rates of teardowns and new builds than other neighborhoods in Raleigh per capita. Homes regularly sell for more than $400,000 and tear-downs will go as high as $150,000, depending on the lot. 


The up-and-coming Brentwood neighborhood, located northeast of downtown and just above the 440 Beltline, has high turnover rates and regularly attracts investors. Built between 1960 and 1980, this area has seen steady growth as a starter home neighborhood. Recently, investors have been buying updated and non-maintained homes to improve and resell. 

sell your house in raleigh

Cameron Village 

The center of Cameron Village is the stretched-out high-end mall. These outdoor-style shops are housing cute boutiques and restaurants as well as jewelry stores and kids’ shops. This area is extremely walkable and abuts the NC State campus. Homes here were mostly built between 1940 and 1960, but some outliers span back as early as 1920 and as recent as 2020. Expect to sell a beautiful single-family home here for at least $400,000 and up to nearly $2 million. 


The beautiful tree-lined streets call the old neighborhood of Mordecai to many a refined homebuyer. These homes are priced nearly at the top of all of Raleigh per square foot. Located northeast of downtown Mordecai, it is walkable to most of downtown. Owners here can enjoy quiet streets and walkable daily life. 

best neighborhoods in raleigh

Brier Creek 

Built over the last 20 years, Brier Creek was once an unknown neighborhood that has grown to house almost anything a person could want. The Brier Creek Country Club and Triangle Shooting Academy attract many new homeowners, as well as the long list of restaurants, plus go-to stores like Target and Dick’s Sporting Goods.


The bustling, expansive newer neighborhood of Hedingham has great potential and lots of options for homes. You can get a townhouse, duplex or even a decently priced home backing up to the golf course. This neighborhood was built out in the 1980s up through the mid-90s. Common issues here with homes is that the siding choice by the developers/builders was the dreaded Masonite. If not maintained, it deteriorates quickly and is expensive to replace. 

Renaissance Park 

Quite possibly the largest newer development in all of Raleigh, Renaissance Park has small, manageable lots and walkable streets, plus beautiful parks and play areas for kids. These homes were built out between the mid-2000s and mid-2010s. Homes in this neighborhood sell quickly and have appreciated well after the crash of ‘08. If you plan to sell your Renaissance Park house, now is the time!

sell your house in raleigh

Anderson Heights 

The luxury Anderson Heights neighborhood near Carolina Country Club has consistently drawn the big spenders, with regular homes selling well over $1 million. Located between Crabtree Creek and Glenwood Ave, this neighborhood has seen big appreciation in the last 20 years. The neighborhood was built out mostly between 1920 to 1950, and these grand homes regularly top 3,000 square feet.

North Hills 

Landing in the top spot for all of Raleigh is North Hills. This neighborhood has had the highest demand over the last four years of any Raleigh neighborhood. Currently encompassing several square miles of land, this neighborhood has seen significant growth in new construction above the $1 million mark. Homes are being purchased for $300,000 to $450,000 just to be torn down and have new homes built. If you have an older home in this neighborhood, plan to list with a broker such as our sister company, or come to us since we know the big builders in town and can get you top dollar for your home/lot. 

best neighborhoods in raleigh

Do You Live in One of the Best Neighborhoods in Raleigh?

All these neighborhoods have rich histories dating back to the early days in the Capital of North Carolina. Some of the best restaurants, eateries, pubs, bars, and nightlife live here. Anyone looking to sell their house here would be well suited for a great offer from Inspiring Investment Raleigh.

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