What repairs to make to maximize your homes value

Home repairs that will maximize your home’s AS-IS value It can be a challenge to prioritize or estimate the actual costs of certain home repairs that may maximize your home’s value. When considering selling your home AS-IS, buyers are less concerned with esthetics and more concerned with structure and maintenance of the home. We will … Continued

What Repairs To NOT make before selling your house

Curious what the WORST use of your money is when considering selling your house? You have found the right place! Painting Lipstick repairs Unlicensed work Poor craftmanship Replacing an 8 year or newer HVAC unit Replacing a 10 year or newer roof Outdated Kitchen and bathroom updates Below you will find a more detailed explanation … Continued

Who do I call to sell my house?

Looking for an all in one solution to sell your house? Curious what “We Buy Houses” home buyers would pay first? Trying to decide what repairs to make on your house? Wondering if they will even be worth it?! If you are looking for someone to call, someone that will give you straight answers, someone … Continued

Crawlspace Mold In Your Raleigh House

Did you find mold in your crawlspace recently? Have you looked in your crawl space lately?! If you live in Raleigh or the Triangle of North Carolina it’s rare that you would have. Mainly because it’s filled with dust, has spiders and rodents crawling around, then the worst of all crawl space problems… MOLD! Or … Continued

Zillow Wont Buy My House!

Zillow Wont Buy My House!   Have you recently submitted your home online to Zillow and after several calls and a multiple hour long inspection of your home been told, “ Zillow has decided NOT to make an offer on your house? “ This hurts when you thought they would be the best option for you. … Continued

Home Buyers In Raleigh – We Analyze The 3 Ways To Sell

Looking For Home Buyers In Raleigh? We Analyze The 3 Ways To Sell Your Home In Raleigh If you own a home and are thinking about selling to home buyers in Raleigh, you have a number of selling options available to you. In this blog post, we’ll look at those 3 ways and break them … Continued
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