The Ultimate 5 Step Checklist for Selling Your House Fast

Whether you have outgrown your current home, want to move to a new area, or just need to sell the property for whatever reason, preparing to sell your house can be a daunting task. It is all too easy to waste time and money on projects that really won’t make a difference in the sale price. That’s why we’ve created this helpful checklist for selling your house fast.

While there is a lot to the selling process, this list outlines the first steps you should take to get a clear, realistic picture of what you will need to consider when selling your home. It will also prepare you with all the information you would need to start the process of receiving an offer to sell it as-is.

checklist for selling your house fast featured by top Raleigh home investors, Inspiring Investment Raleigh.

 A Complete Checklist for Selling Your House Fast

1. Inspect Your House

We recommend taking a bottom-up approach when doing a personal inspection on your house and get it ready to sell. 

  • Start with the landscaping, then assess the foundation and crawlspace – specifically looking for settling or cracks. 
  • Look at your siding. If it is Masonite, is it bubbling or are there any holes? If Hardie plank siding, does it need to be painted? Or if you have a brick home, are there any cracks and have you painted it?
  • Then, move onto the interior. Look for any problem areas and be sure to take notes as you go. When were your kitchen and bathrooms last updated – are they older than 20 years? This is another important thing to jot down since buyers often want a modern look in these rooms.
  • The HVAC and water heater are also items that buyers will be concerned about. In general, these should last about eight to ten years. If yours are older than that, it is fair to assume a buyer would want them replaced.
  • Pay attention to your windows as well and note if they are painted shut or single pane, since those will likely need to be updated also.
  • Don’t forget to check the attic and roof as well. Just be sure to take safety precautions when doing so!

After your inspection, gather all of your notes and save them in a document on your computer or phone for easy access to share later.

2. Take Photos

During your inspection, it is helpful to take some close-up photos of the problem areas you find. You will also want to take photos of your home’s layout. If you have access to a wide-angle lens for this, that would be ideal to capture a more accurate depiction of the rooms.

Then go ahead and upload the photos to a file-sharing platform, like Dropbox, to have them ready to share via a link. This will help expedite the process.

checklist for selling your house fast featured by top Raleigh home investors, Inspiring Investment Raleigh.

3. Get the Mortgage Payoff Amount

If you do not own your home outright, you will want to contact your bank to make sure you know how much it will cost to pay off your mortgage and sell it fast. 

4. Verify No Back Taxes are Owed

Even if you are certain you don’t owe any back taxes, it is important to double-check before beginning the process of selling your house. Simply do a quick search by going to your local county tax assessor’s website.

5. Contact Us to Help You Sell your House Fast!

We did say this is a checklist for selling your house fast, and one of the quickest ways to sell your house is by working with us.

If you are in the Raleigh area, we can make selling your home a fast, hassle-free process. Before you start fixing any of the problem areas you’ve found or boosting your curb appeal, reach out to us to receive an as-is offer on your home. At The Inspiring Investment, we don’t require you to make any repairs beforehand and we always do our best to make it an easy process. 

checklist for selling your house fast featured by top Raleigh home investors, Inspiring Investment Raleigh.

Contact us by email, or by calling (919) 439-2911 to start the process of getting an offer on your home.

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