Top 5 Reasons Why So Many People Are Moving to North Carolina

North Carolina has continually been in the top 10% of states with growing populations. With so many people moving to North Carolina, it makes it a great place to be selling a home! Wondering why so many people are flocking to NC? We’re happy to share our insights – as both locals and North Carolina real estate investors.

top 5 reasons why people are moving to North Carolina featured by Inspiring Investment Raleigh

Top 5 Reasons People Are Moving to North Carolina

Here are a few key factors that have inspired people who are moving to North Carolina from other states:

1. Work Opportunities 

North Carolina has a great job market with opportunities in multiple high-wage industries. There are universities and leading medical centers, as well as dozens of great employers with offices located in the well-known Research Triangle Park area (near the Raleigh-Durham International Airport). It is the largest research park in the U.S.!

For freelancers, co-working options abound, especially around Raleigh and Durham. The state also boasts low commute times of around 20 minutes, even in major cities.

2. Following Family 

Many young people are moving to North Carolina for education and job opportunities, or as an ideal place to settle down and raise their children. That means parents and even siblings often follow in order to remain close and to also enjoy the many perks of North Carolina life! 

Once the family realizes how much they could save and all the activities to enjoy, it often doesn’t take long for them to follow along.

3. Attractive Housing Market

The housing market in North Carolina offers quality homes in good neighborhoods at affordable prices. Especially when coming from areas in the country with extremely high housing prices, potential buyers are excited for all of the options found in this state.

In the capital city of Raleigh, home prices have steadily increased due to demand in the many attractive Raleigh neighborhoods available to buy in, but there are still many affordable options and you tend to get much more space per dollar than in other cities.

top 5 reasons why people are moving to North Carolina featured by Inspiring Investment Raleigh - raleigh home example

4. Ideal Location 

There aren’t many places where you can go from the mountains to the coast all in one day. From the Blue Ridge Parkway to 300 miles of beach, there is plenty to enjoy for both ocean and mountain lovers. That’s a huge perk for nature enthusiasts looking for a new place to settle down.  

No matter where you are in North Carolina, you won’t be far from scenic trails to hike, great food, and exciting cultural activities. It really is a state that offers the best of everything. 

5.  Low Taxes and Cost of Living

Even in the popular city of Raleigh, where the cost of living has risen to around the national average in recent years, it is still much lower than many other major cities in the U.S. Across North Carolina, cost of living is very affordable.

And a huge advantage to living in North Carolina is the low taxes, including one of the lowest property tax rates in the U.S. There really are huge opportunities to save for those moving from other states.

top 5 reasons why people are moving to North Carolina featured by Inspiring Investment Raleigh - north carolina neighborhoods

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