38. Inherited property in North Carolina

Selling an heir inherited house in North Carolina
Video Transcription

Today, I am heading to a closing from a house that we’ve been working with the NC heirs on for over 16 months. They contacted us because they needed somebody that would be around in 16 months to buy the property, because the process of an inherited property in North Carolina that was inherited with multiple heirs and no clear will takes a long time for to process and work itself out through the court system. What they didn’t want was to call a no-name pop-up home buying company that wouldn’t be around in a year because they decided to quit. Luckily, they picked the right company – The Inspiring Investment!

We started working with Mrs. Linda back in January of 2018, and now in the end of April, 2019, we’re going to be closing in just a few short minutes. We helped them through all the legal issues. We helped them get in touch with the right attorneys to help them. We scheduled everything with the right people and we worked through a lot of difficult situations that they had. They were struggling because there were 29 heirs total. There were sons and daughters (siblings), brothers and sisters of deceased parents who were the original heirs. Anyway, it was very drawn out. Some people didn’t want to sell; some people did want to sell. So, we had to work through a lot of difficult situations, but we finished it!

I think everybody’s pretty happy. We were able to offer a price that made sense for them and that was great. We love doing that; we love working with people for these long amounts of time and building those relationships. Now, I still talk to Linda about every other week. We just catch up, see how things are going. She’s a great lady and we have really enjoyed working with her, and hope that one day we can work with you and help you through that same situation. If there’s anything we can do to help, if you have questions or just need to run something by somebody that knows what they’re doing, you want to know that the company will be around in a couple years when this process might be over, give us a call. Reach out to us soon and you can find out more information on the website if needed. Have a great day.

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