49. Working With a Real Estate Note Broker in North Carolina and Durham NC — 4 Tips to Get Started

If you’re thinking about diversifying your real estate investing portfolio and perhaps looking beyond the traditional investing methods of single-family property rehabbing or rentals, you might be looking at investing in real estate notes. If you are looking into notes further, read these 4 tips for working with a real estate note broker in North … Continued

46. An Unsecured Promissory Note in Fuquay-Varina NC?

If you’re in North Carolina (especially Fuquay-Varina NC), when it comes to unsecured promissory notes, there are two things to keep in mind: its current value and its future value. If you are considering selling an unsecured promissory note in Fuquay-Varina NC, the first thing you need to do is to determine its current value … Continued

45. 7 Tips for First-Time Home Sellers in Smithfield NC

We buy houses in Smithfield, North Carolina. In our latest post, our team of homebuyers in NC offers tips for first-time home sellers in Smithfield NC and beyond. Find out what to watch out for before trying to sell your house! If you have never sold a house before, the process can feel burdensome and … Continued

44. Can I Sell a Private Mortgage in Youngsville NC?

We buy houses in Youngsville, North Carolina. There has never been a better time to sell a mortgage note or promissory note. If you’re wondering, “Can I sell a private mortgage in Youngsville NC?” the answer is: You absolutely can! We are professional homebuyers in NC, and we also purchase mortgage notes. Interest rates are very … Continued

42. I Want to Sell My Real Estate Note in Morrisville NC

We buy houses in Morrisville, North Carolina. Not only do we offer cash for houses in NC; we also buy real estate notes. You may now be wondering, “I want to sell my real estate note in Morrisville NC. Where do I start?” As homebuyers in NC, we bring you tips on doing so! Holding a … Continued

40. Apex NC is booming for Millennials

Today in Fox Business, we see that Millennials are moving out of the city just like the generations before them as their families are growing. As you know, we buy houses in Apex as well as other parts of Raleigh and places like Garner, NC. We are proud to provide these young families with beautiful … Continued

39. Great Statistics for Any Real Estate Market

Today, we want to share a great post by G2: 60+ Must-Read Real Estate Statistics for 2019 It highlights how quickly Real Estate changes, even in our own local market of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill. Check it out! Let us know what you think. If you are concerned that here in Raleigh, it’s time … Continued

37. Probate House Process in Sanford NC

We buy houses in Sanford, North Carolina. As professional homebuyers in NC, we discuss the probate process in NC when real estate is involved in our latest blog post. As you’re researching your real estate probate options in North Carolina, you may hear about something called “the probate process.” In North Carolina, the probate process … Continued

33. How to Sell a Probate Property in Clayton NC

We buy houses in Clayton, North Carolina. If you own a property stuck in the courts, it can feel frustrating and overwhelming. All of your hard work handling everything should pay off in one way or another. In our latest post, as homebuyers in Clayton NC, we will help you learn how to sell a … Continued
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